Fashion Face Off: Gala vs Awards 2011 (Gents)

* Credits to: Sina and Tungstar for the photograph 

Vote for your favourite look … Are you in for velvets, leather or robe?

Slight “Bandages” or Bathrobe Hoodie?


*Credits to: (left) and Tungstar (right) for the photographs


Red Velvet or Red carpet-carpet red?


*Credits to: (left) and Tungstar/@TvbClub (right) for photographs 


Leather Suited Up, Formally Casual or Timeless Black and White?


*Credits to: Yahoo! and Tungstar (left), and Tungstar (middle) and Sina (right) for photographs 

* Do note that I didn’t add the one where Wayne wore white in his magic performance, click the middle photograph to view.


The “Chok-ing”, The Saviour or Beige look? 


*Credits to: Yahoo! and Tungstar (left) (middle) and Sina and Tungstar (right) for photographs 

*Do note that I didn’t add the one where he played the balloon bursting game with Fala. Also, he seems to have a lot of accessories… (a watch and a ring, a motorcycle with Fala on it and an umbrella, with the same watch on his wrist?)


The Recycled Look or The Recycled look?


*Credits to: Sina and Tungstar (left) and (right) for photographs 

* He wore the blazer (on the left, gala) at 2010’s sales presentation (click on picture to view  photo of 2010 sales presentation) while he wore the blazer (on the right, awards) to a public event (click picture to view). Poor guy, arrived at the red carpet (awards) when it was raining.


Silver Suit or Black Stripes 


*Credits to: and Tungstar (left) and Tungstar (right) for photographs

(Different pants (same length) and no socks)


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